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Fast, Challenging, Beautiful Music!

If you're looking for original music, orchestrations or arrangements for your band or choir, please let me help!.

These are the things I do!


I have composed for some fabulous groups, including Palomar Symphony Orchestra, Sul Ross Wind Ensemble and choir, and The NOVA Ensemble!


I've been the "go to guy" for the VHS competition show choir for the past couple of years, and can do arrangements for your group, too!


Have I mentioned my book yet? Pepper's Ghost?  I'm sure I said something about it around here, somewhere.


I have several CDs for sale in the CD store... Check out a sample!

Other Things

I'm working on...

I'm currently writing my second novel, my sixth CD, and starting out nationally with my psalm subscription service. But that doesn't mean I don't have time for you!

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