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Life of the Bullet is being published very soon.  If you'd like to beta-test a sample chapter or two, click here.

All of the Advent and Christmas psalms are available now in one collection!  Click here to check them out!

Recent Updates

Newest Sheet Music!

My newest pieces for large ensemble:  March of the Generals, Santa Fe Dances, and Hymntunes from Strange Lands are all up on the site. 

CDs in Production

I'm working on a new CD of piano music, with some Chapman Stick tracks, too!  Stay tuned!

Life of the Bullet

I've completed my second novel, and am working on finding a publisher.  If I can't find anyone interested, I'll probably self publish it like I did Pepper's Ghost. I've got a sample chapter up, for people who are interested in looking at it.

Teaching at JP

This year, we're working on developing classes in Film Scoring, Songwriting, and Audio Production.  Hopefully we'll also be able to start a full-time choir at JP! 

COTR Updates!

The new church is almost complete!  Can't wait to give a video tour of the new facilities!

Other Projects

Lot's of new projects in the works!  You'll have to come back often to find out new info!

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