Robert Giracello, composer

Robert Giracello, PhD

Educator, Composer, Performer

Robert Giracello is an award winning composer and educator who lives and works in Southern California.  He has performed and composed for ensembles throughout the United States and Europe, most notably in a special audience with Pope John Paul II, at the United Nations UNESCO concert in Paris, and at a special anniversary celebration in Cologne.  He currently teaches at John Paul the Great University and is Director of Music and Liturgy for Church of the Resurrection in Escondido.  He is the father of two adorable kids.

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Robert Giracello (b.1976) is a multi-facted musician and composer who lives and works in Southern California.  He received the first PhD in Music Composition ever offered by University of California, Riverside in 2010.  His topics of study included the writings and compositions of Arthur Farwell, the theatrical implications of the music of Stephen Sondheim, and computer music programming using the ChucK programming language.  He also founded the UCRLE laptop ensemble and was primary custodian of the Composers' Collective podcast. 

Giracello's music has been called, "a powerhouse of wit and ability," music that "challenges audiences and performers alike," and "hard.  very hard."  He specializes in writing musical scenes and environments that put a strain on the normal concert experience.  He has composed and performed music throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe, including during a special audience for Pope John Paul II in Rome and a United Nations UNESCO concert in Paris.  His work has been performed by such outstanding artists as Gary Barnett, Alma Fernandez, Brett Banducci, William Beuche, the UCR Chamber Singers, the Palomar Symphony Orchestra, Black Sheep Ensemble, and many more.

As a performer and choir director, Robert has been in service to the Catholic Church for the past twenty years, and is currently Director of Music and Liturgy for Church of the Resurrection in Escondido, and Professor of Music at John Paul the Great Catholic University. 

He currently has six studio albums, hundreds of published pieces of sacred and concert music, and two novels to his credit.  He's currently working on a new CD of music for piano and chapman stick.