Meet Robert

Performer, composer, educator


About Me:



     I have a PhD in music composition that I received from UC Riverside in 2010.  My "classical" music composition in this vein has been described as, "theatrical in nature," "engaging, prolific, and of stunning virtuosity," and also, "hard.  Wicked hard."  I like to right for professional ensembles, school bands and choirs, and soloists.  I also do film and video game soundtracks.  If you're interested in having a commission for you or your group, let me know.  I'm very, very, cheap.


     I have been teaching for more than half my life, as a private instructor of piano, guitar, trumpet, compostion, theory, and voice.  I also teach at Palomar College, and have taught courses at UC Riverside.  On ocassion, I serve as an instructor for clinics and summer camps, most notably for North County DanceArts, where I am their Musical Theater vocal coach. 


     I am Director of Music and Liturgy for Church of the Resurrection in Escondido, which means I play a lot of piano, organ, guitar and keyboard.  I usually play all the English church services, and ocassionally bilingual and Spanish services.  I do weddings, funerals, and quinceneras in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.  I have a great team of volunteers in my ministry, five volunteer ensembles, and I love them! 

What I do (in order of importance):

  1. Composing- my favorite thing to do!
  2. Writing- working on my 2nd novel right now!
  3. Performing- every single week!
  4. Teaching- at Palomar College and privately!

My Projects

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Short Bio (please use this for concerts):

 Robert is an accomplished composer, teacher, and musician who lives and works in Souther California.  He received his PhD in music composition from UC Riverside in 2010.  Topics of study included the life and writings of Arthur Farwell, theatrical and musical analysis of the works of Stephen Sondheim, and electronic music composition using ChucK programming.  He currently teaches at Palomar College and is Director of Music for Church fo the Resurrection, Escondido.