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In 2010, I completed my PhD dissertation, which combined analysis of the life and works of Arthur Farwell, a comprehensive examination of the theatrical and musical messages in the works of Stephen Sonheim, and electronic music composition using the ChucK music programming platform.

My dissertation piece, Stations for 8 players, was never performed, and is a very complicated testimony to that fruitful time. 

Since graduation, most of the work I have done has been for small ensembles, school bands and choirs.  I am currently working on a few pieces for ensembles at Palomar College, and an interesting theatrical composition for the Black Sheep ensemble in Boston.  I'm always looking for performers who are willing to take a chance on new work!


Short Bio (for concerts)

 Robert is an accomplished composer, teacher, and musician from San Diego.  He received his PhD in music composition from UC Riverside, where  he specialized in the life and writings of Arthur Farwell, theatrical and musical analysis of the works of Stephen Sondheim, and electronic music composition using ChucK programming.  He has performed and written music for ensembles all over the world, including a special audience for Pope John Paul II in Rome and a United Nations celebration at UNESCO in Paris.  Critics have called his music "full of stunning virtuosity," "a powerhouse of wit and ability," and "hard. Really hard."  He likes to write music that redefines the traditional roles of performer and audience in the concert setting.  He's also the author of two novels, Pepper's Ghost and the soon to be released Life of the Bullet.


If you are interested in performing any of these works, or if you would like to dialog about a new composition, please let me know!