Dissertation Essays

Dissertation Essays

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My PhD consisted of several argumentative essays about music, musicians, and my dissertation piece, Stations. I'm offering all of them to you, for a penny...

 Why? Because Paypal won't let me give them away for free, and I'm honestly interested in how many people will traffic their way to this site and take a flyer on my intellectual output.

What you get for ONE RED CENT:

1. Metacharacter in the Art of Stephen Sondheim 2. an analysis of "If you can find me, I'm here. 3. A historical account of the writings of Arthur Farwell 4. A brief history of computer music, and analysis of computers in my own compositions 5.The actual dissertation composition, Stations, and accompanying documents.

That's literally hundreds of pages of material, years of my life, and thousands of dollars of education.  Basically free.  All I want you to do is press the link below and download it... 

Maybe I've gone crazy...



If you do "buy" this, and enjoy any part of it, let me know what you think!


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